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Cointiply is one of the oldest and most well established Bitcoin faucets on the web. The site allows users to claim free Bitcoin every hour by rolling the faucet. Basically, you roll a number between 1 and 99,999 and will receive a certain amount of Bitcoin for free depending on what you roll. Anyone lucky enough to roll an exact 99,999 will win whatever the current jackpot is (it starts at 100,000 which is $10 USD in BTC). The faucet jackpot can easily grow into the hundreds of thousands offering users the chance at winning $20 or even $30 USD worth of free Bitcoin with just one roll. Cointiply offers more than just their Bitcoin faucet, too. Read the latest cryptocurrency news and do additional offers in order to earn even more free BTC. For example, registered users can view PTC (paid to click) ads, play a variety of different games, refer their friends, complete short surveys, and even try their chances in a multiplier game to earn additional coins. Those who decide to do additional offers can also receive bonus rewards. For instance, right now users can earn 50 additional free coins just by viewing one quick PTC advertisement! Don’t forget to follow the Cointiply team on Twitter to receive free promotional codes which can be redeemed on the website to get you even more free coins! Currently, there is no other Bitcoin faucet on the internet which offers the wide array of different ways one user can get free coins online. Cointiply has a solid reputation when it comes to faucets and the minimum for a withdrawal is only 50,000 coins ($5 USD). If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to get free Bitcoin every single hour of the day, then consider joining the Cointiply community!

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