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Exodus is devoted to keeping your cryptocurrency safe and easy to access. The company is one of the world’s leading desktop, mobile and hardware crypto wallet providers. Founded in 2015, this team of developers has managed to release new software updates every two weeks since its initial launch. Store your Bitcoin and 150+ other cryptocurrencies securely inside your wallet and send or exchange them with ease. Additional applications transform the Exodus wallet to give you more control over your wealth by earning interest and more. View live trading charts, get support 24/7 when needed, and use the built-in exchange to convert your favorite cryptocurrencies instantly! According to Investopedia, Exodus was voted the best Bitcoin wallet for beginners and it’s one of the most popular among desktop computer users. Private keys and transaction data are encrypted which keeps your data private and best of all, no registration or account setup is required to begin using the Exodus wallet. It’s the ideal option for any desktop computer user who wants a secure wallet with a beautiful design that makes buying, selling and trading Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies simple. Download the Exodus mobile or desktop wallet instantly and free of charge through their website which is listed below!

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Resource Website: Exodus.com
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