glacier protocol
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Glacier is an open-source protocol that lets you safely store your Bitcoins offline. This unique blockchain technology secures your cryptocurrency by using multiple keys which are stored offline, making them virtually invulnerable to electronic theft. Best of all, this protocol can also make sure that you’ll always be able to access your Bitcoin, even if you lose one of the keys. While online exchanges and wallets offer some security, they are still vulnerable to hacks and exploits. Glacier is not! It doesn’t depend on any service or third-party to store your Bitcoin keys. You can protect your keys without the need to trust third parties or pay them any service fees. While many people tend to choose hardware wallets (such as Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey) to store their BTC, Glacier is intended to offer an even higher level of protection than those hardware wallets can provide. The primary security consideration is that all hardware wallets today operate via a physical USB link to a computer, which does leave them open to potential undiscovered vulnerabilities. This protocol is ideal for those who need simple personal storage, long-term storage, infrequently-accessed funds, or are technically unskilled in cryptocurrency. Visit the website to learn more about Glacier and how it keeps your Bitcoin safe and secure at all times!

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