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Inspired by the infamous Mark Zuckerberg, FACEMETA token is a BEP-20 cryptocurrency gaming token which runs on the Binance Smart Chain. The goal behind this project is to create a real metaverse experience on a mission-based play and win model. This means players will be rewarded in crypto for completing a variety of different missions. Users will select and design their avatar to make things more realistic, and only those holding a certain amount of Facebook Metaverse tokens will be eligible to participate. Meet new people with your avatar and modify it to get more attention from other players. Players in the Facebook Metaverse will also be able trade items, such as cars, land, houses, and stores. Join the Metaverse by purchasing some FACEMETA tokens and waiting for the games release in early 2022! It will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

How To Buy Facebook Metaverse Token

If you want to buy FACEMETA tokens they are currently available through the PancakeSwap website. According to the FACEMETA roadmap, the token will soon be available on the popular KuCoin exchange (in 2022). But until then, anyone wanting to get their hands on some Facebook Metaverse tokens will need to do so through the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. PancakeSwap is quick and simple for anyone using Trust Wallet, MetaMask, or other popular wallets. You can find several videos about how to use PancakeSwap right here.

Once your wallet is connected to PancakeSwap (it will need to have some BSC inside of it), you can add the Facebook Metaverse token as a custom token using this contract number: 0x3e0b5807515756635c6347cdeebf95946e604bcf

Complete the swap of BSC for FACEMETA and the tokens should appear directly inside your wallet.

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